Yoga and what do you realize of yoga !!!

By Prof. Amal Al Makhzoumi

Exploiting home quarantine due to the Corona virus by practicing yoga for its many benefits, we summarize it as follows:

1- Provide the body with energy.

2- It strengthens the spine, legs and thighs.

3- It helps to stretch the shoulder muscles.

4- It helps to expand the chest.

5- It increases the balance and makes him graceful.

6- It can be practiced at home.

7- helps to relax.

8- helps to sleep well.

9- delay the appearance of facial wrinkles.

10- Relieve anxiety and depression.

11- Increase focus and thinking.

12- Improved breathing and digestion.

13- have many physical and psychological benefits.

14- helps muscle flexibility.

15 - stimulates blood circulation.

16- It boosts immunity and raises the body’s resistance to diseases and detoxification.

17- strengthens the knees strength.

18- Reduces stress.

19 - Help calm and rest.

20- It strengthens the hamstrings and thigh muscles.

21- strengthens the muscles of the body

22- It strengthens the abdominal muscles and makes them flat.

23- Finally, it is the most suitable and easiest exercise.